Horse Therapy for Treating PTSD

Horses are proving again and again through countless examples that they are an effective treatment for treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder otherwise known as PTSD. Horse therapy for treating PTSD can produce profound and long-lasting benefits to participants and does so in such a way that it even becomes apparent outwardly that positive changes are

Billy Cook Saddlery – A Great Poduction Saddle

Billy Cook saddles have a storied past but all the history aside you basically have two choices when it comes to purchasing a Billy Cook saddle, you can either purchase one from Billy Cook Maker out of Oklahoma or purchase one from Billy Cook Saddlery out of Texas. The latter is a production saddle maker

How to Saddle a Horse – In 60 Seconds or Less

Like everything in life that we do more than once having a system in place to complete the task just makes good sense, saddling your horse shouldn’t be any different. If you want to saddle your horse like a pro follow this guide, it’s not only fast but makes the process relatively effortless. Step One

How To Make Money With Horses – Today!

In this article I am going to discuss how imperative it is that those who’s passion is horses and are determined to make a living centered around them learn about E-Commerce and affiliate marketing. The future is now and those that don’t develop the skills to effectively market their business online and through social media

Horse Riding Helmets – Should You Wear One?

This article discusses the importance of horse riding safety gear. We will discuss the use of horse riding helmets, horse riding safety vests, proper horse riding footwear and provide information on where you can research and purchase these items at a great value. It’s Your Head – Protect It! Let’s put vanity aside and talk

Build A Horse Shelter – Helpful Tips

This article offers some practical planning tips before you build. Start With A Plan Have you ever visited someone’s place and right away noticed what screams “Do It Yourselfer” so loud you can’t take your eyes off it for the sake of trying to figure out what the heck you’re looking at? Well that’s a

Trim Your Horse’s Hooves-Understand The Basics

This article is intended as a primer for the individual considering trimming their horse’s hooves on their own. It is not an exhaustive “how to” manual, but highlights details anyone that undertakes this task needs to know. How Many Hearts Does A Horse Have? No, I didn’t suddenly change the topic, but before we get

Your Horse’s Brain – What You Must Understand

This article is intended to shed light on the basics of a horse’s brain function and why understanding this is key to the success of your horse training program. A Horse’s Brain – Built to Perform! I want to clarify this article is not the result of a scientific study, at least not by myself.

Western Dressage – Just A Fad?

This article is intended to give the reader a “Big Picture” view of the subject of horse training and the many horse training methods that exist today. Two Disciplines – One Common Goal Western Dressage has come into its own as a legitimate horse training method. Its goal is to infuse the western riding world

How To Train Your Horse – A Common Sense Approach

The intent of this article is to offer you the reader the “Big Picture” view of how to go about becoming a responsible and competent partner to your equine friend. Effective horsemanship is much easier than it is portrayed by some when a little common sense and logic are applied to building a relationship with