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How to Saddle a Horse – In 60 Seconds or Less

Like everything in life that we do more than once having a system in place to complete the task just makes good sense, saddling your horse shouldn’t be any different. If you want to saddle your horse like a pro follow this guide, it’s not only fast but makes the process relatively effortless. Step One

Build A Horse Shelter – Helpful Tips

This article offers some practical planning tips before you build. Start With A Plan Have you ever visited someone’s place and right away noticed what screams “Do It Yourselfer” so loud you can’t take your eyes off it for the sake of trying to figure out what the heck you’re looking at? Well that’s a

How To Train Your Horse – A Common Sense Approach

The intent of this article is to offer you the reader the “Big Picture” view of how to go about becoming a responsible and competent partner to your equine friend. Effective horsemanship is much easier than it is portrayed by some when a little common sense and logic are applied to building a relationship with

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Welcome to Onlinehorsemanship. This site is dedicated to helping others breakthrough the confusion of what it means to truly communicate with your horse. Also to develop the kind of control, confidence and respect you always wanted in your relationship with your equine partner. Joe’s Story My personal journey with horses began the year after I

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